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How to effectively submit a ticket. -- Feb 4 2008, 9:20 PM

Here are a couple tips and tricks to making the most out of the new NovusCMS Help Desk:

Provide us with a step-by-step guide to consistently replicate your issue.

For example, compare the following:

"I can't add a hyperlink"


"I am trying to add a hyperlink to the text on my webpage, Using NovusCMS in Internet Explorer v6, I always do the following: 1) type the text that I want to be a hyperlink, 2) highlight the text with my cursor, and 3) click the hyperlink button on the NovusCMS button bar. Everytime I click the hyperlink button, my computer audibly hiccups, the screen goes blank for 30 seconds, and when it comes back on, appears as if nothing ever happened."

Include Screen Shots
This can be accomplished by holding the ALT key and simultaneously clicking the Prnt Scrn (print screen) button. This puts an image of your active window into your computers clipboard; you can then paste the image into your favorite image editor (e.g. Microsoft Paint), save as a .jpg, and upload with your ticket. 

Communicate Correspond Collaborate
You should receive an email whenever a technician responds to your issue. Respond back. Let us know that your issue is resolved or if the suggestion did not work, or if you just like hearing the sound of your keyboard click. We can't close the ticket until you say so and we can't close the ticket without your cooperation. The process of working through an issue often requires considerable feedback. So if you don't receive an email within a day or so, you should log back into the Help Desk and check. If a technician has responded to your issue, you should wonder if our email got lost in your spam filter or something (something only you can fix). If a technician has not responded, you can always give us a nudge to hurry up. Either way, don't stop the 2-way communication until you are 100% satisfied and your ticket is closed!

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